NEW Reports Added! ACE POS Online Data Reporting Tool

4/27/2017 0 Comments

As promised, more ACE reports have been added to our new Online Data Reporting Tool. Designed for users of the ACE Retail POS system, our Online Data Reporting Tool is included with our full annual support plans.

How to Use Twitter for Retail Marketing: 6 Key Tips

4/19/2017 0 Comments

Other platforms typically get attention for being the “selling platforms,” but Twitter can hold its own, too. You just have to go about it a little differently. Twitter’s engagement is not like other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and it isn’t the go-to resource for researching buying decisions like Pinterest. Instead, Twitter’s selling power relies on the power of conversation and relationship building.

Capture digital signatures during Checkout

4/16/2017 2 Comments

Do you sell on account? Do your customers place sales orders with deposits? Reduce your risk and your costs by capturing a legally binding digital signature during checkout. The ACE Retail POS system includes this built-in feature that works with industry-leading Topaz signature capture devices. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use this feature:

Life is Sweet: Quickserve Retail POS Systems

4/15/2017 0 Comments

Few things remind people of summer as much as ice cream. For 80 years, Kawartha Dairy has been a family business focused on one thing - quality dairy products. In the 1950s, they expanded into ice cream and the rest is history. To many cottagers and summer visitors in Ontario, stopping for a Kawartha Dairy cone is an essential part of summer.

How to sell on Instagram as a Retailer

4/9/2017 2 Comments

Facebook and Pinterest have both proven themselves to be incredible selling juggernauts, but imagine being able to sell on the platform with some of the highest user engagements: Instagram.

Despite incredibly high user engagement, the limit on web links (only 1 in the main bio) has made it much more difficult for businesses to sell products on Instagram. Recognizing this, Instagram has recently launched their own native shopping platform similar to Pinterest’s Buyable Pins. And there are incredible 3rd party tools that let you turn your Instagram into another virtual storefront. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at how to sell on Instagram to gain more customers and increase sales.

How to Schedule Automatic ACE Back-Ups to Back Up Data

4/6/2017 0 Comments

Nowadays, a point of sale system is the core of all business and accounting data for retailers. There are few things as scary as losing the data in your retail point of sale software. Besides periodic manual back-ups, don't forget to set up your ACE Retail 3000 software to automatically back up data using the Windows Task Scheduler.

UPDATE: According to CIODive, a major Windows 10 update, "Creators Update," is expected to start rolling out broadly by mid-April 2017. This major update will add new privacy controls and provide Windows 10 users with more control over when to install updates. This will hopefully be less disruptive to the user in the long-term but, in the meantime, we highly recommend that ACE Retail 3000 customers run a manual back-up and set up automatic back-up with the step-by-step guide below.

Step-by-step guide

1. Click on the Windows Start Menu, search for "Task Scheduler" and open it.

Auto-deduct your fixed Amex or PayPal merchant fees

4/5/2017 0 Comments

Having issues reconciling your bank account? Do you accept payments with payment processors that deduct fixed merchant fees before settlement? Set up your ACE Retail point of sale system to automatically deduct fixed % Amex or PayPal merchant fees for easier matching with your bank statements. Watch our latest video to see where to set up auto-deducting fixed fees and your tender types in ACE.

Web Based Reporting Tool - Access your Sales Reports Remotely

3/26/2017 0 Comments

Track your Business from the Comfort of Home

We know how important it is for owners and managers to keep an eye on retail performance, especially when they are out of the store. Since launching our new online reporting tool in February, customers have been able to access 16 of the most popular ACE reports, right from the comfort of home. Learn how to access online reports with an ACE POS annual support plan membership. Working from home has never been easier! To see how our new tool works, watch our Intro to Online Reports video below:

Use your Sales Screen to Prompt Staff during Checkout

3/23/2017 0 Comments

We're happy that so many of you found the new sales screen wallpaper function useful! Besides using this new feature to promote your company brand image or new products, if your tills are inward facing, the sales screen is a great place to upload an image of key reminders for your check-out staff such as:

ACE Web Reporting Tool - Track from the Comfort of Home

3/21/2017 0 Comments

Our NEW reporting tool gives ACE customers remote access to the most popular reports in ACE via the internet. This new web reporting tool is an add-on option to give customers the ability to run, view and download ACE reports from your store POS, right from a web browser. Watch this video for more details.