4 Cost-Effective Methods of In-Store Marketing for Retailers

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Attract Consumer Attention In-Store

In spite of the rise of online shopping, studies show that the majority of shoppers still prefer to make their purchases at physical stores. But with the endless choices available to consumers today, how do you hold the attention of shoppers and encourage them to make purchases in your store?

Aside from running endless promotions, with a little creativity, retailers can create powerful merchandising displays for in-store marketing that will draw shoppers to the tills.

Here are some examples of how retailers can better merchandise their stores:

ACE Retail POS - Online Reports!

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We're excited to announce that we are working on new tools and upgrades to the ACE retail point of sale software this year. Deployed online, our beta reporting tool currently gives ACE customers remote access to the most popular reports in ACE via the internet. This new reporting tool is intended to be an add-on option to give customers the ability to run, view and download ACE reports from your store POS, right from a web browser.

Until March 15, 2017, existing ACE POS support plan members can sign-up to try the beta version of our new reporting tool for free! If you are interested to try our beta version, please contact us at support@acepos-solutions.com and we will schedule you for a set-up call.

Support Members: ACE POS Web Portal now available!

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Register for the Web Portal to access our online knowledge base and exclusive ACE Retail training videos for the ACE Retail point of sale software!

Stop Automatic Windows 10 Updates for POS Stability

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UPDATE: Microsoft is expected to run a major update on Windows 10 after their developers conference in May 2017. We recommend that all customers disable automatic Windows updates with the instructions below to avoid their point of sale system auto-updating during business hours.

Windows has a lot of great features, but among the most controversial aspects of this operating system is that it really, really, REALLY runs a lot of updates. In fact, with Windows 10, Microsoft has made these updates mandatory.

Some of these updates are beneficial, but others can cause problems such as issues with peripheral drivers, program dysfunctions and crash loops. While it is never recommended to turn off your Windows updates completely, as a business owner, you would most likely want to run updates at a time of your choosing to minimize the impact on your business. If you want to stop Windows 10 from constantly updating, or just want to install only your preferred updates, you can follow the instructions below. 

1. Right-click on your Taskbar (the long, horizontal bar at the bottom of your screen) and select Task Manager.

5 Tips to Speed up Retail Checkout during the Holidays

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As a retailer, holiday line-ups can be a source of frustration for both customers and staff. With everybody stressed out, people are more impatient than normal and have a lower tolerance for unnecessary delays. While things like the weather are beyond your control, there are a few small things you can do in advance to speed things up during retail checkout.

1) Display Signs to Anticipate Customer Questions
Training staff to answer questions is always important but common in-store questions can be answered more quickly with clear signage. Not only does this speed up your checkout, it gives employees relief from having to repeat answers over and over throughout the day. Good examples include:

Get ready for your inventory count - free ScanNow app until Dec 30! EXTENDED!

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Our Android mobile app, ScanNow, is currently available for download on GooglePlay. Unlike other scanning apps, we focus on the most important task at hand - being able to do your inventory count with your smart device and posting it back into your point of sale. At the same time, a lot of effort has been put into the design of the ScanNow interface to make it simple and intuitive to use.

Features include:
- Standalone operation
- Automatic scan, Quick add or Manual input, all available from the same screen
- Designed to allow for continuous entry
- Smart search lookup of imported inventory lists
- Unlimited inventory items or count batches (full version only)
- Import / Export of data with spreadsheet templates (via email)
- Option for direct integration to ACE Retail 3000 over wifi network (integration fee required)
- No advertisement

Compatible Devices:

- Android mobile devices
- CipherLab RS30 Android Enterprise Scanner (smart device with built-in 1D laser scanner)

Download the lite version (limit of 100 products) to test out the standalone app.

FREE full version license of the standalone mobile app until Dec 30, 2016.
Email support@acepos-solutions.com for your GooglePlay redemption code.

Grow your Holiday Sales with Custom Sales Receipts

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Whenever you make a sale, you give or email your customer a receipt. Even though receipts have higher open rates than promotional emails and already have the attention of your customers, sales receipts are one of the commonly overlooked marketing opportunities.

Use your ACE Point of Sale system to customize your email or tape receipts to stay connected with your customers and win additional sales by:

~ Promoting your online store, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages
~ Offer a discount code to encourage repeat customers
~ Promote seasonal marketing programs
~ Offer time-limited coupons to drive traffic during low season
~ Upsell or cross-sell profitable products in your store
~ Add barcodes for easier returns or exchanges
~ Direct customers to online surveys for valuable feedback and more!

See below to learn how to add coupons or customize your ACE tape receipts. For more instructions, active support plan members can visit the ACE Online Knowledge Portal or email us at support@acepos-solutions.com.

Key Features of a Solid Retail Point of Sale Software

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Looking to purchase a new Retail Point of Sale software system? Read our latest article published on Pointofsale.com for the Top 6 Features every retailer should consider. 

The Benefits of Joining the AC Nielsen Retail Panel

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As the leading provider of marketing information, AC Nielsen actively works with 275,000 retailers worldwide to consolidate generic sales data to let manufacturers know what type of products people are buying and selling at any given time. By joining the panel, your customer's general preferences will be represented in the data that manufacturers use to make product decisions. You will also receive a payment every period for your participation and access to the Nielsen web site.

If you are already a participant or if you're interested in being a part of the AC Nielsen Panel, ACE Retail makes things even easier for you. ACE users have the option of having automatic integration set-up between their POS system and the Nielsen secure FTP server. This unique feature is available at no extra charge to customers currently on an active ACE POS annual support membership.

If you're interested, please download the pamphlet below to contact AC Nielsen for more details.

Download File

Top 6 Features of a Solid Retail POS Solution

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New start-ups and small businesses alike need a Point of Sale system that’s practical and won’t break the bank. The best POS systems should do much more than just accept payments and process sales. Good point of sale systems designed for retail should include time-saving features such as inventory management, marketing tools, customer tracking, EMV PIN pad integration and accounting management. But where does one start? Read on to learn about the top 6 features you should keep in mind when looking for a retail POS system.
1) Advanced Import / Export Functions
While it seems obvious, it’s a fact that there are POS solutions that still exist without proper import / export functions. For any retailer considering a new Point of Sale software, this is a key feature as it determines how quickly you will be able to load your products into a new system and, even more importantly, whether you can retrieve your data should you wish to eventually switch systems. As ACE Retail POS users will tell you, a solid POS will include the option to save import mapping as templates so that you can more easily import standardized spreadsheets such as new product lists from suppliers.