Use your Sales Screen to Prompt Staff during Checkout

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We're happy that so many of you found the new sales screen wallpaper function useful! Besides using this new feature to promote your company brand image or new products, if your tills are inward facing, the sales screen is a great place to upload an image of key reminders for your check-out staff such as:

ACE Online Reports from the Comfort of Home!

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Our NEW reporting tool gives ACE customers remote access to the most popular reports in ACE via the internet. This new reporting tool is an add-on option to give customers the ability to run, view and download ACE reports from your store POS, right from a web browser.

NEW: Add a wallpaper to upsell with your ACE Sales Screen!

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If your tills are visible to customers, upsell by adding product images or your logo to your ACE sales screen. Watch the video below to see how to upload an image. If you don't have this marketing option on your version of ACE yet, active support plan members can write to to schedule an update to have this feature added.

Using Windows 10 for your POS? Learn how to disable Microsoft ads.

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Since launching in 2015 Windows 10 has been full of surprises. While there are some good features, a few have been quite controversial. Besides the uproar over the change to automatic updates (which has since been modified), it appears that while Microsoft offered their customers free upgrades to 10, it opened the door to their using Windows 10 as a platform for advertisements. Whether the advertisements are tasteful or not, the continous promotions for OneDrive can be intrusive to customers using Windows 10 for their business.

Shopify Success Story: Rain Fitness Boutique

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ACE + Shopify Integration

When Reena Kainth started Rain Fitness in 2015, she believed there was a need for fashion-forward premium activewear and yoga accessories sourced from the top fitness brands in North America. And there was. Since then, Rain Fitness has grown to a retail space carrying over 20 boutique brands and has since expanded to selling online with Shopify.

Using the ACE Retail point of sale software, Reena is able to fully manage the inventory and sales for both her physical and online store and post everything directly from ACE to her Sage50 accounting system.

“The auto-update features between ACE and Shopify are exactly what I needed to reduce my workload. With the integration, I can manage my sales and inventory from within ACE without any manual double-entries.”
Reena Kainth, Founder of Rain Fitness

Is your store information accurate on Google Maps?

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Have you ever used Google Maps only to find out that the store is closed as the hours listed are wrong? Or even worse, look what happened to this small business in Portland, Oregon when they were incorrectly listed as "Permanently closed" on Google Maps. Learn how to claim your Google My Business listing with our free guide below to make sure you show up properly in searches.

Check your ACE Reports from the Comfort of Home!

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Deployed online, our NEW reporting tool currently gives ACE customers remote access to the most popular reports in ACE via the internet. This new reporting tool is intended to be an add-on option to give customers the ability to run, view and download ACE reports from your store POS, right from a web browser.

Until March 15, 2017, existing ACE POS support plan members can sign-up to try the beta version of our new reporting tool for free! If you are interested to try our beta version, please contact us at and we will schedule you for a set-up call.

4 Ways to Merchandise your Retail Store on a Budget

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Attract Consumer Attention In-Store

In spite of the rise of online shopping, studies show that the majority of shoppers still prefer to make their purchases at physical stores. But with the endless choices available to consumers today, how do you hold the attention of shoppers and encourage them to make purchases in your store?

Aside from running endless promotions, with a little creativity, even small retailers can create powerful merchandising displays for in-store marketing that will draw shoppers to the tills.

Here are some examples of how retailers can better merchandise their stores without breaking the bank:

Support Members: Knowledge Base & Training Videos

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Register for the Web Portal to access our online knowledge base and exclusive ACE Retail training videos for the ACE Retail point of sale software!

Stop Automatic Windows 10 Updates for POS Stability

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UPDATE: Microsoft is expected to run a major update on Windows 10 after their developers conference in May 2017. We recommend that all customers disable automatic Windows updates with the instructions below to avoid their point of sale system auto-updating during business hours.

Windows has a lot of great features, but among the most controversial aspects of this operating system is that it really, really, REALLY runs a lot of updates. In fact, with Windows 10, Microsoft has made these updates mandatory.

Some of these updates are beneficial, but others can cause problems such as issues with peripheral drivers, program dysfunctions and crash loops. While it is never recommended to turn off your Windows updates completely, as a business owner, you would most likely want to run updates at a time of your choosing to minimize the impact on your business. If you want to stop Windows 10 from constantly updating, or just want to install only your preferred updates, you can follow the instructions below. 

1. Right-click on your Taskbar (the long, horizontal bar at the bottom of your screen) and select Task Manager.